My Background and Training

I grew up on a small farm near Yankton, South Dakota, attending college at St. Benedict's in St. Joseph, MN, graduating with a degree in humanities, theology, and a minor in secondary education. 
Later I joined the Franciscan Sisters and served in parish ministry and in Venezuela and Nicaragua. Returning from Latin America I pursued a Masters in Counseling at Loyola Univeristy Chicago and training in bioenergetic analysis, a somatic psychotherapy. 
While in Chicago I also studied various modalities like EMDR, Holographic Memory Resolution, Emotion/Body Code. My experience includes working at a drug-treatment center as well as working in private practice.
In May1, 2009 I completed training in Crossinolgy Brain Integration Technique and received certification.  For the training, I participated in the pre-BIT introductory workshop (4 days) in March 2008 and completed 60 hours of pre-BIT practice. In September 2008 I participated in the 10 day BIT training with Susan McCrossin.  Lastly I completed the required 10 cases toward certification and the second 10-day training, which was held in April 2009.  BIT has been  a very transformative modality and I have seen many lives changed for the better.  
In May of 2010, I relocated back to Central Minnesota. Since returning I have been studying Spring Forest Qigong and am including this wonderful modality to my practice of energy healing.