BIT Testimonials

Testimonials offered by clients who have completed Brain Integration.

Tim  and Annie O., parents of 7 year old boy: From Mom shortly after the integration: I can't express enough how lucky we were to hear of you and how grateful we are for taking on our son. Tim and I continue to be impressed by Holden's progress. We recently had him tested for tutoring this summer and we were told that he wasn't as far behind as we thought he might be. He is more confident, more interested and less combative.

From Dad written: Tonight Holden showed progress that was a quantum leap while we were doing flashcards. After going through each step, he decided that he would close his eyes and spell the word for me, almost like he was showing off.  Then Dad wrote this in October 2010: I was so skeptical at first. This morning before school Holden did a magic trick for me - he had 10 playing cards and had me pick one, which he then identified by looking at the others to see which one was missing. This from the kids who last spring couldn't remember what he had for lunch that day or who he sat next to in class all day long. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" __________________________________________________

Judy Callans, mother of 12 year old boy: Carolyn was the practioner who performed the brain integration on my 7th grade son. Griffin was diagnosed with dyslexia in kindergarten. He has been tutored 3x a week since that time. Reading has always been a struggle and a battle to try to get him to read. He has been in many different types of reading programs so when a friend suggested brain integration we were skeptical but willing to try it. My son was open to the idea because he heard that he could possibly become more coordinated. Since he loves sports it was an easy sell. We were both unsure of the process however my thought was," let’s try it." For Griffin, his struggle was trying not to fall asleep....the treatment was very relaxing. He was sold on the process when, after never having made a goal in lacrosse, he scored 2 goals after the 2nd treatment and 3 goals and 2 assists after his 3rd treatment. His coaches asked us what he had done to improve his game... As far as his reading, he shaved one minute off his timed reading with his tutor and for the first time scored off the charts from 98 words a min. to 118. Griffin has felt very positive about the experience and even told his teachers and friends at school that also struggle with reading. We even found him (for the first time ever) reading a book in his room and laughing. At the end of 7th grade he ran for vice president of his school and won. I was surprised that he had the confidence to give a speech in front of the entire school but he claims so many things are easier for him. Carolyn was a calm and confident practitioner that made Griffin feels comfortable." ___________________________________________________

Michelle, mother of 10-year-old boy and a 13-year-old boy:
"My 10 year old son had reading difficulties and difficulties sometimes finding the right word when speaking. He completed BIT in March and then went to summer school for reading. His reading tutor at school said he has made a tremendous improvement. He is working on social skills with his therapist now and the school has seen improvement. For my 13 year old son, diagnosed with ADHD, in the hardest subjects, biology and history, he is getting an A. Math and English are a still a challenge for him but now he is getting a B in Math. He is getting help in school and is improving."

M.T, mother of a 7-year-old boy:
"As soon as my son, diagnosed with detachment disorder, completed BIT, he started using his logical side and sought physical contact. He remembers his tasks much more easily. He is more coordinated, i.e. he can do jumping jacks which he couldn't do before. Seeing the immediate results was encouraging. Understanding the benefits of BIT by witnessing comprehensive advancement in my son's everyday life has renewed our optimism and strengthened our hope for his healing and growth.”
German, 16-year-old boy, junior in high school: School seems easier! I feel better getting things done at school. I've had to present a couple of projects and I don't feel as nervous. I don't feel as stressed out. I am definitely not daydreaming in school. I used to be the person always late. Now I am pretty much on time. I used to procrastinate and not put things together well.

Michelle, adult woman, process facilitator: “BIT has improved my critical thinking ability. As a result, I feel less anxious when dealing with logical matters! My balance and coordination has improved, and I am reversing fewer letters and numbers. In short, I’m grateful for feeling more grounded and clear within. Thank you, Carolyn, for sharing your gifts as healer and teacher.


Gina, social worker: “Ever since completing brain integration therapy I've been able to organize and manage larger more complex projects with ease. Additionally the process brought me a level of confidence. I feel more secure that my emotional responses to situations will be even keel and proportional. This sense of grounding is pervasive in many areas of my life and has been lasting
well after the integration was complete.”

D.B., department director:  “I am more able to sort out feedback and synthesize information.
I have more energy at the end of the day and can be more flexible in my responses where it was difficult to be so previously. My co-worker reflected that I seem more centered, secure or stronger internally. That is major progress and positive change!"
Maco, psychotherapist:” Before BIT, I found myself feeling anxious and apprehensive with my studies. In addition I was not able to stay focused. After a few sessions of BIT, I noticed a remarkable difference in the way I processed information and with my memory. I recommend it to anyone who finds studying and retaining information a challenge. Not only has it helped me to successfully pass an exam but it has helped me to design a workshop with greater ease and confidence."
Max, 24 y.o. musician: “After two sessions, I am remembering tasks easier, i.e. I don't have to write everything down. I'm not clumsy; I feel normal. I can prioritize. I'm on time. Why isn't BIT better known?”
C.R., 26-year-old woman, law student: “I raised my L-SAT score high enough to get into any
law school. Yeah!”

L.R., adult woman: “As soon as I started BIT, my panic attacks ended. I now feel more peaceful all the time. I have an easier time making big decisions. I feel lighter and more present in situations where previously I didn't feel connected. I am enjoying life a lot more. Recently, I went ice skating for the first time in many years. I was surprised to find myself much more coordinated!”

Carolyn Law--my own experience: I didn't think I needed BIT but had to go through the process for the training. After the first session, my sight seemed clearer and brighter and I could do the
word puzzles much more easily. Now I have more mental stamina, meaning I experience less fatigue in meetings and while driving long distances. My music ability has improved in that I can more easily count out a rhythm pattern. Formerly, I could always play a pattern after hearing it but I couldn't always count out something I hadn't first heard. In general my head seems more together. I know now that I would have benefitted from brain integration a long time go.